Hudson Rouge’s Lincoln Navigator Flapper with NFC and QR

Code: 1217-412

Services: Automotive, Direct Mail, Print and NFC

Client: Hudson Rouge for The Lincoln Motor Company

In addition to the award-winning video in print mailer Hudson Rouge selected for their client Lincoln, they also chose our Flapper format, with the addition of a technological component, to use for the Navigator campaign. While the video players were sent to a select-group, the Flappers were sent to a larger audience of 235,000 recipients. The Flappers were mailed in an outer envelope for protection. When you open the upper and lower flaps on the front panel, new messaging is revealed on the inside. As the additional panels of the Flapper continue to unfold, the Flapper continues to take on a new shape and reveal new content and creative. The last panel on this particular flapper reveals the call to action, which is for recipients to engage in a virtual test drive of the new Navigator by launching a video on their mobile device, either through an NFC tag, QR code, or through a link in a text message.

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