3-Phase Changing Picture for Showtime’s “Homeland”

Code: 2518-007

Services: Direct Mail, Travel & Entertainment

Client: Allied Creative and Candid Litho for Showtime Networks

Showtime Networks was looking for a unique structure to promote the 8th season of their "Homeland" series. The design they chose was our 3-Phase Changing Picture. The initial idea for this project came from a child-hood pop up book. Showtime had provided Allied Creative with a few different pieces of art that needed to be used in rotation to promote the show. Allied Creative was looking for a structure to display their art, so they showed the content to their printer, Candid Litho, who immediately thought of Structural Graphics. They selected our 3-Phase Changing Picture design because they were able to use one structure, but the various panels on the structure enabled them to display their multiple pieces of art. When you open the design, the inside panel automatically transforms into a different message right before your eyes. Once the next panel is opened to reveal the inner-most panel, the exact same engaging action takes place and new artwork appears.The 3-Phase Changing Picture worked perfectly for this project as it enabled Showtime to display 3 unique messages in one interactive format. On their experience with Structural Graphics, Candid Litho said our team helped them to work through some major time constraints and they were very pleased with the end product. 

This is not the first project we worked with Allied Creative and Candid Litho on for Showtime. Take a look at the Flipbook mailer we designed to promote "The Chi" series!


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