University of Dayton Staged Pop Up Mailer

Code: 4318-532

Services: Direct Mail, Higher Education

Client: University of Dayton

Today’s Gen Z students are constantly inundated with digital clutter. Because of this, one of the greatest challenges colleges and universities face is capturing the attention of their top student prospects. Our client, the University of Dayton was looking to create an acceptance brochure for prospective students enrolling in the undergraduate class of 2019, but they wanted to make it a fun and engaging experience. They turned to none other than Structural Graphics to help them bring their idea to life. 

The University of Dayton wanted to provide admitted students with a piece of the campus community to keep in their homes that would help generate excitement around being accepted. They used this staged pop up design which features iconic structures on campus including their chapel and unique student neighborhood. This mailer was included in a larger acceptance packet.

The goal of this campaign was for prospective students to share the pop up brochure on their social media channels, and that is exactly what they did. By posting static images of the project, and sharing GIF’s of the mailer in action, a positive online buzz was created for the University of Dayton. Our client received positive feedback from students, including alumni who saw pictures of the project online, and shared that even students who were not on the list to receive the mailer requested copies of their own.


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