Iggesund Paperboard's 2019 Holiday Card

Code: 1919-201

Services: Direct Mail, Holiday Cards, Lights

Client: Iggesund Paperboard

Every year, Iggesund Paperboard selects a paper artist from around the world to design their annual holiday greeting card. It's become a tradition for Iggesund to challenge designers to surpass the previous year's holiday card, by highlighting the print possibilities available through Iggesund's paperboards Invercote and Incada. This year, Structural Graphics was fortunate enough to have been selected to create a unique design that utilized different printing techniques, including fine laser cut details.

The design also needed to reflect Iggesund's theme "Shine a light on the forest". The theme is specific to the origin of Iggesund’s flagship product, Invercote, as well as the important role that sustainable forestry and fibre-based products can play in mitigating climate change. 

Structural Graphics' very own Creative Director, Erik Hluchan, and Art Director, Erin Fudge Smith, created this year's design; a magical winter forest scene that comes to life in a dimensional shadowbox which shines a light on greater forest sustainability. Hluchan had the idea to illuminate the shadowbox from below. He achieved this by developing a light display which appears on one's mobile device, once the QR code on the bottom of the holiday card is scanned. The light show that displays within the shadow box mimics the magical illumination of the aurora borealis.  

“Given the environmental theme of the project, a forest seemed obvious for a paperboard company. Iggesund by necessity needs to be a caretaker of forests,” says Hluchan.

Invercote Creato 18 pt. was the perfect choice for this project. “It is an excellent paper to work with when making pop-ups and it has the ability to withstand the high demands of dimensional paper engineering,” Hluchan says. “It is also able to handle a large number of print treatments including laser cutting.”

“Every year we wish the card to be eye-catching enough to earn its place on the recipient’s desk, or even on the mantelpiece at home. With this year’s card we also want to encourage people to put their phones away for a while,” says Jessica Tommila, Customer Experience Manager at Iggesund Paperboard. “We also want to show how much we value the long-lasting relationships we have with our customers and other friends in the packaging business.”


  • The holiday card was sent to about 12,000 recipients.
  • There were 3,332 unique visitors to the dedicated landing page (Iggesund.com/myforest), achieving a 28% response rate. The target was set to 1,700 unique visits, based on previous years’ campaigns, so Iggesund was able to surpass their goal by 196%.
  • Apart from the Start page, Iggesund.com/myforest was the most visited page on Iggesund.com during the campaign period.
  • 2,255 unique visitors scanned the QR code on the bottom of the card in order to display the light experience which reflected that of the aurora borealis, achieving a 19% response rate. 
  • Iggesund received 768 page views for the holiday card in their web shop, where recipients are able to order their own holiday card.
  • Structural Graphics is excited to announce that our 2019 Iggesund Paperboard Holiday Card, structurally and graphically designed by our very own Erik Hluchan and Erin Smith, was selected as one of the top two Innovative B2B Campaign finalists in the USPS’ 2020 Next Generation Campaign Awards!

Read more about the Iggesund Paperboard's 2019 season’s greetings card at Iggesund.com/myforest


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