Extendo® Pop Up Cube

Services: Holiday Cards

Client: Structural Graphics

Our Extendo® Pop Up Cube is a great new addition to our line of dimensional holiday cards and a great new promotional product. Whether you choose to customize it with your holiday greeting or your promotional message, it is sure to grab attention. At first glance, this product seems to be our typical Extendo® design, where you pull the tab and one panel extends out of either side of the base. But, here’s where the fun comes in - just pull the tab, and automatically and unexpectedly a 3.25 x 2.5 x 2.5” size pop up cube springs from the inside of the base right before your eyes. Not only does this piece offer plenty of real estate for your marketing message, where you can add your art to the panels of the Extendo® and the six-sided cube, but it acts as a great desktop piece that will keep your brand top of mind throughout the holiday season and beyond. Click here to customize it and make it your own on the Red Paper Plane website!


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