Lincoln Aviator Music Box with Hardcover Bound Book

Code: 1218-410

Services: Automotive, Direct Mail, Lights, Luxury Packaging, Sound

Client: Hudson Rouge for Lincoln

The launch of the all-new 2020 Lincoln Aviator SUV called for a 1:1 direct mail piece that was as innovative as the vehicle itself — a package that would emulate the calming “welcome experience” you feel from the moment you approach the Lincoln Aviator. To that end, global luxury brand agency Hudson Rouge, in collaboration with Maker House and Structural Graphics, drew inspiration from some of the technology that makes the Aviator unique.

A six-color, 44-page case-bound book that highlights Aviator features and design elements was packaged in an elegant, foil-stamped presentation box. Hidden in the hand-assembled box well, beneath an embossed representation of the Aviator speaker grille, was a custom-programmed audio chip and speaker. Lifting the book from the well triggered the sound of an orchestra tuning up, followed by a gentle symphonic driver alert chime — one of several composed and recorded by members of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra specifically for the Lincoln Aviator.

Opening the book revealed another surprise that tied directly to the vehicle. An LED edge light traveled around the bottom, side, and top of the book cover, mimicking the “Lincoln Embrace,” which recognizes a driver by the presence of a key fob and then initiates an inviting sequence of lighting events.

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