Moxie Scrubs Sees 55% Increase in QR Code Scans

Services: Direct Mail

Client: Red Paper Plane for Moxie Scrubs

Over the last year, our online ordering division, Red Paper Plane partnered with the kind folks at Moxie Scrubs on a case study to determine how much our dimensional print pieces can outperform a flat postcard mailer. We provided Moxie Scrubs with 2,000 pieces they mailed to nurses all over the country. The first 1,000 pieces were flat postcards, while the other 1,000 were interactive Step-Pop Card Holders and the dimensional piece generated 55% more responses.

The goal of the mailing was to introduce the nurses to Moxie Scrub’s new summer scrubs that were now available on their website. The direct mailers were a part of a larger campaign that included promotions on their website and digital advertising. We spoke with Shalom Suárez, Marketing Manager at Moxie Scrubs, who said they wanted to try a different marketing channel outside of their usual digital ads. They were excited to hear Red Paper Plane wanted to work with them on this case study and were even more excited to see the results. See more direct mail solutions like this on Red Paper Plane.

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