Trekk Design Carousel with AR & Diecut Pieces

Code: 1219-770

Services: Augmented Reality, Direct Mail

Client: International Paper for Trekk Design

Trekk Design was looking for a unique and creative way to highlight the mill where Accent Opaque paper comes from. The purpose was to tout the performance of the print quality, the sturdiness of the paper (120# cover weight), and to highlight the Ticonderoga Mill where Accent Opaque is manufactured. The premium International Paper mill is the only mill in the country located at a state park, making it a unique mill in the market. 

Trekk needed a high quality marketing piece to reflect the premium nature of the paper quality, due to it being produced from the forest. The piece also needed to reflect IP's value of sustainability and the uniqueness of where the paper comes from. 

The target audience for this project was printers in the northeast area of the country, customers who use Accent Opaque, prospects considering using it, influencers, and the design community. This storybook like mailer was meant to transport recipients to the mill, so they could experience where this paper comes from, which is something they wouldn't see otherwise. 

Over the Summer, Trekk Design visited the mill in person, collecting footage of the mill and the forest. Because this is such an impressive place and process, they really wanted to showcase that in the mailer. The storybook highlights what it looks like. Recipients were able to unlock this video footage by scanning each panel's Augmented Reality (AR) icon, using the IP4D app available for free in smartphone app stores. Once each AR icon was scanned, a model projector appeared, which showcased the video footage, providing recipients with a window glimpse into the mill itself. 

In staying true to the storybook feel of the Ticonderoga Mill while giving this piece staying power, the booklet included several playful elements, such as die cut figurines that can be moved around the scene. This created a nice juxtaposition between the 3D aspect of the mailer and the 3D aspect of the Augmented Reality component. 


The incorporation of AR adds a level of trackability to the mailer, providing insight into how many recipients engaged with the Marketing piece. International Paper has had over 1,200 new IP4D downloads following the launch of the campaign.

The Ticonderoga Mill Storybook Mailer stood out from the crowd with its interactivity and innovative use of augmented reality. Here are the awards this piece has taken home so far:

— Communicator Awards: Marketing/Promotion — Direct Mail
— Communicator Awards: Mobile — Best Use of AR  
— Muse Creative Awards: Strategic Program — Interactive Brand Experience

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