Video Brochures and Video Mailers

Versatile video brochures and video mailers are also available through Red Paper Plane, our quick-turnaround, low-cost provider of print marketing materials.

Video brochures, booklets and video mailers (when they are sent via direct mail) are our most popular products for lead generation, loyalty programs, special promotions, or just to enhance your branding.

Customizable, Rechargeable, Quality-Controlled Video Mailers

  • All of our electronic components have a 100% Quality Control process to ensure your video performs as expected.
  • All screens include a USB charging/content upload cable so that your video mailer can be easily recharged simply by plugging it in.
  • Our video solutions offer flexible playback, pause and volume control options so your recipient has full control of your message.
  • No two messages are the same. We offer a variety of screen sizes so you can choose the best screen size for your message.

Contact us for a quote on a high-end design, or visit Red Paper Plane  to get started with our low-cost options!

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Video Brochure Specs

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