4 Tips to Create Cost-Effective Dimensional Mail


How to Create Cost-Effective Dimensional Mail: 4 Quick Tips

Why Dimensional?

Studies have found mail that isn’t flat produces higher response rates than other direct mail formats.

According to a 2010 Direct Marketing Association report, dimensional mailers had an average response rate of 8.51% for B2B mailers and 3.52% for B2C mailers. The average response rate for an envelope mailer was 1.38%.

And dimensional mail may be the marketing solution you need to connect with your most valuable, but hard-to-reach, targets. Dimensional mail can strengthen your company’s brand awareness. Send something unique and relevant and your targets likely won’t forget it.

The Value of Going Dimensional

The unit costs of dimensional mailers are typically higher than those of a direct mailer or envelope mailer. But while dimensional mail generally costs more it will likely provide a higher return on your investment.

Tip #1 Target your List. This is where targeted marketing can be helpful in maximizing the ROI of the mailer. Rather than blanket mailing to an entire list, it may be helpful to send the more expensive dimensional mailer to just a portion of the list. This can help you test the response to see if the additional cost of the mailer is outweighed by the increased response.

Create dimensional mailers while saving postage

There are several ways to minimize your overall investment in dimensional mail. Here are three ways you can create dimension while saving a few bucks

Tip # 2 Create a small mailer. You don’t need to create a big piece just to make it stand out. It’s dimensional, so it’s already going to catch the eye.

Tip #3 Use a flat-folding format. 3-D mailers don’t have to arrive in three dimensions. You can design one that mails flat but “pops up” when the recipient opens the package.

Tip # 4 Plan ahead. Build extra time into your schedule. While First-Class Mail can get your piece to recipients in a day or two, if you plan ahead and don’t mind sending it out via Standard Mail, you can save on postage costs.







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