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Case Study: Essilor Sweepstakes Campaign

Essilor is the world's leading provider of eyeglass lenses. For over 40 years, Essilor has been dedicated to the research and innovation of comfortable and durable corrective lens design. It is well known for its' excellence and technological advancement in the optical field.

Essilor's Varilux® lense product is specifically designed for people over 40 who experience presbyopia - a condition in which near vision (needed when reading, sewing or working at the computer) becomes increasingly blurred with age.


Essilor was looking to develop a communication campaign for their Varilux Comfort brand launch utilizing Essilor Edge, an online loyalty program specifically designed to reward eye care professionals for selling Varilux® products.

They wanted to communicate the launch to 6,500 active members by providing an incentive to review the information and reach the 5,500 non-active members to create awareness of the loyalty program and provide an incentive to activate their membership and to review the product information.

The primary objectives of this campaign were to:

• Get the attention of hard to reach prescribers

• Highlight the features of this new brand

• Keep the product top-of-mind with prescribers

• Effectively communicate the re-launch with engaging and memorable direct marketing

• Attract new prescribers to Essilor Edge

• Strengthen brand loyalty with existing prescribers

• Measure the effectiveness of the campaign

• Capture response rates and report the Return on Investment

Solution: High-Impact Direct Mail and Email Campaign to Drive Members and Non-Active Members to Sweepstakes Site

Essilor worked with Structural Graphics to develop and launch a comprehensive integrated campaign that included a high-impact direct mail piece designed to get members and non-active members to the Essilor Edge website and to entice them to enter the sweepstakes multiple times. The Essilor Edge Sweepstakes page was also used to capture information from the prescriber and to gauge their knowledge of the Varilux product.

Structural Graphics also developed and launched an email promotion mid-way through the campaign to remind participants to enter the sweepstakes.


Essilor received 1,748 total entries (23.6%) to the sweepstakes in response to the Rolling Cube. Of the 1,748 entries, there were 701 unique participants (9.5%). The reminder email was sent to 568 participants a week before the sweepstakes deadline, and as a result there were 509 total entries (89.6%) and 49 unique entries (8.6%). Overall Statistics of the campaign were:

• 2,257 entries total, 68 referral entries and 750 unique participants which translated to an overall response rate of 31.5% • The average participant visited the site 3 times

• There were 2,576 unique visits to the site which translated into an 88% conversion rate

• The average visit was 2:36 long with about 3.68 pages viewed per visit

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