Leveraging Elizabethtown College's Creative Strategy to Drive Enrollment Success Image

Leveraging Elizabethtown College's Creative Strategy to Drive Enrollment Success

Standing Out to Drive Enrollment 

A recent interview with Wendy Sheaffer, Senior Director of Creative Services at Elizabethtown College, offers invaluable insights into how colleges and universities can enhance their marketing efforts to attract, engage, and retain students. 


Embrace Brand Consistency Across All Platforms 

Elizabethtown College's marketing success hinges on a consistent brand message across all channels, be it print, digital, or physical spaces. This consistency reinforces their identity and builds trust with prospective students. 


Operate Like an In-House Agency 

By operating as an in-house agency, Elizabethtown College maintains control over branding and creative output. Taking this precaution ensures all materials align with the college's goals, leading to more cohesive campaigns. 


Innovative Print Marketing Strategies 

Elizabethtown College's use of dimensional mailers, like our Pop-Up Mascot recreation of Blue, exemplifies their creative marketing. These dimensional mailers and outreach target counselors and students, boosting engagement compared to traditional methods. 


Multi-Channel Marketing Approach 

Elizabethtown College reaches audiences through diverse channels, including print, digital, and personal interactions. A varied strategy ensures they stay top-of-mind throughout the decision-making process. 


Leveraging Student Insights for Creativity 

Elizabethtown College leverages student insights, particularly from Blue Jay Ambassadors, to understand what appeals to their target audience. This practice keeps their marketing consistently relevant for younger generations. 


Focus on Experiential Marketing 

Understanding the importance of campus visits, Elizabethtown College prioritizes experiential marketing, allowing prospective students to engage with the community and fostering deeper connections. 


Staying Ahead

Wendy keeps current by actively participating in the University and College Designers Association (UCDA), a network of college design professionals. It allows her team to stay on top of higher education marketing trends. 


Observational Inspiration 

Sheaffer also draws creative inspiration from everyday life, like typography on a billboard or colors from the surrounding environment. Utilizing these sources enables Elizabethtown College's marketing materials to be diverse and connect with audiences. 


Creative Position & Exceptional Outcomes 

Strong collaboration between Admissions and Marketing has increased the visibility and reputation of Elizabethtown College. Enrollment has grown consecutively for the past four years, with another growth year anticipated. 


Learn More: 

For more information about Elizabethtown College and its innovative marketing strategies, visit their website: https://www.etown.edu/ 


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