University of Georgia Surprises Top Donors with the Pop Up House Image

University of Georgia Surprises Top Donors with the Pop Up House

Pop-up cards have the special ability to bring out the child-like wonder in all of us. So, it’s no surprise that the University of Georgia wanted to use Red Paper Plane’s unique design-your-own Pop Up House to send birthday wishes to their top donors and prospects.

“The purpose of this card is to surprise our donors with something fun and less academic than many of our communications,” said Jordan Dotson, Assistant Director of Presidential Stewardship at the University’s Development & Alumni Relations department. “We also hope to remind them that they are a special part of the University of Georgia family.”

“Once a donor receives a birthday card from us, we like to continue to send them a card each year,” Dotson said.

“Because of this, it’s important that we keep our pieces fresh with a new, creative birthday message each year. We enjoy thinking of different ways to use this mailer and we are so thankful for Structural Graphics’s ability to make our unique idea a reality. The pop-up feature of this card was very well received, and many donors kept them on their desks long after their birthdays had passed.”

Dotson said that a former designer recommended that they use the Structural Graphics team.

“She had many years of experience under her belt - we always trusted her suggestions,” she said. “We were so glad that she knew about your company! You were certainly able to help us think out of the box.”

And think outside the box they did!

“The pop-up feature certainly fulfilled the surprise and fun aspects!,” Dotson said. “We mailed 635 constituents these cards, with lots of great feedback, including the following responses:

‘I just wanted to tell you what a unique birthday card you all sent [my husband]. I opened it first and was definitely surprised! It made an even bigger hit with our grandkids. We always enjoy the cards you send. Nothing is ever ordinary! Thank you.’

And ‘All I can say is you have truly outdone yourselves. I just opened THE best birthday card I could ever hope for. It’s clever, fun, expertly executed and, most of all, thoughtful! I showed it to the whole team who echoed my sentiments. I just wanted you all to know how much I appreciate the gesture and that I will display this adorable Dawg house proudly on my desk. You guys are the best!’”

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