10 Mexican-Inspired Designs in Honor of Cinco de Mayo

In celebration of the recent day of pride for Mexicans and Americans, we curated a list of 10 designs from across the web demonstrating the vivid and inspiring art landscape of Mexico.

Cinco de Mayo is a historic day of pride acknowledging the defeat of the French army by a squad of Mexicans notably “smaller, poorer and under equipped” in comparison, near the town of Puebla in 1862.

At Structural Graphics, we love eye-catching designs.  So in honor of Mexican pride and culture, we’re spotlighting 10 projects with incredible color, design, pattern and style from across the web.  

Click through the images below.

1. Bigger than life — exaggerated birds, fruit & flowers

Illustrated house in Xicotepec de Juárez, Puebla, México (shared from clarissalh/tumblr)

2. People and pattern — Frida Kahlo

Art print Studio Cockatoo / The Frida Kahlo Corporation.
Art print Studio Cockatoo/The Frida Kahlo Corporation.

3. Papel Picado — perforated paper

Mexican paper banners via Xylocopa.
Mexican paper banners via Xylocopa.

4. Poppin’ packaging — Amado by Hyatt

Mexican artisan bakery branding by Futura.
Mexican artisan bakery branding proposal by design studio Futura.

 5. Minimalist Muchísimo

Branding proposal for Mexican Brewery by Anagrama.
Branding proposal for Mexican Brewery by Anagrama.

6. Two-tone no more


“Coats” by Guy Catling.

7. Two Prophets — Mexican Moonshine

Homage to Mexico's "Day of the Dead" / Aaron Harper Lee
Homage to Mexico’s “Day of the Dead”/Aaron Harper Lee

8. Have a seat

Shared from Craft-O-Rama
Shared from Craft-O-Rama

9. Dishin’ daisies

Custom sink design made for a tiny forest house.
Custom sink design made for a tiny forest house/Herrle Custom Carpentry

10. Poster child

Mexico Illustrated, 1938
Mexican Art & Life periodical, illustrated poster, 1938

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