Breaking Down Video Marketing

Lately, we’ve been examining how we can reach our audience in new and impactful ways. So this week, we thought it would be useful for you if we shared some of the resources we found helpful, particularly on B2B video marketing. 

Image courtesy jsawkins/Flickr.
Image courtesy jsawkins/Flickr.

Cue Jon Spenceley’s insightful article, “B2B Video Marketing Secrets You Can Steal.” Spenceley, who is the community marketing manager at Vidyard, examines how companies like General Electric, VMware and Salesforce are using video in all kinds of ways, from promoting awareness of their brand and highlighting targeted content to providing easier and more accessible ways to lend support to customers.

According to a recent survey from Demand Metric, over one-third of large companies produce more than 100 marketing videos annually and over 70% of respondents claim that video performs better than other content for producing conversions. It’s easy to see why video is powerful with enterprise companies, but what can SMBs learn from how enterprise companies are using video?

Let’s break down how leading companies are using videos to build awareness about their company, drive more conversions, and educate customers!

Driving Awareness with Video

Twenty years ago, when most companies thought of marketing videos, the first thing that came to mind was television commercials. While companies have the power to target their marketing more effectively than ever, the world of awareness marketing is still alive and well, and nobody does it better than the enterprise suite with online video.

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