Ritz Carlton marketing design by Structural Graphics

How Brands Package Luxury

Dimensional marketing doesn’t help you reach every possible consumer. It helps you reach the ones who want to be your consumer. 

Successful businesses do not find their best customers without honing in a little. More than 30 years of marketing for name brands and businesses has taught us that. Getting to know the characteristics of your consumer base and refining your marketing approach to meet their needs definitely does lead to positive results.  

3D marketing is a creative way to implement a fun, niche campaign that sends a strong message to important consumers.

Luxury brands are leading the way in this area–communicating brand stories with surprising packaging and design techniques that live with consumers long after the interaction has ended. 

It’s an emotional thing. And you shouldn’t be letting them down.

How are brands building relationships with niche markets?

Dimensional marketing is helping brand messages and stories evolve into something more personable.  An awareness sets in with consumers, a loyalty develops.  All of these elements work together to impact the human senses in a positive way.

Luxe Packaging Elements

Metallic inks and embossed typography.


Silver, gold and pearlescent paper finishes.

Ritz Carlton marketing design by Structural Graphics

Sleek and smooth matte finishes.

Samsung Gear Fit VIP


Grainy, smooth or both.



Streamlined, custom packaging that stands out.

A custom origami-style box that shipped flat to retailers - stacked like coffee filters - for Victoria Secret.

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