Print marketing: The Best Enhancement to Digital Marketing

With so many marketing mediums available to the public, today’s marketer can’t afford to be one-dimensional. That’s why the idea of replacing print with digital marketing strategies is a surefire way to limit the reachability of your campaign.

There are some amazing ways to incorporate the two mediums and create a successful (and trackable) marketing strategy. So if you’re thinking of trying something new, check out the tips below that we collaborated with to help you craft an interesting integrated campaign.


Don’t be junk mail
Every direct marketer’s nightmare is to be tossed into the garbage heap without so much as a glance. Want to avoid this? Then don’t look like junk mail. Avoid the corporate aesthetic for something a little more homegrown. For instance:

use first-class stamps instead of metered third-class ones
make the copy about the reader, not about your company
add a “grabber” or something that adds dimension to your mailpiece to help it stand out
strive for clarity and brevity
ditch the return address
decide what makes mail feel personal, then use those techniques (font, color, shape, design, etc.) to enhance it

Marketers can link these direct mail pieces to online content. If fact, think of your direct mail piece as the introduction to your offer, then build the relationship online through a customized landing page. Here are some ways to drive traffic online through direct mail:

place your URL on everything. Think of it as the biggest part of your sales engine and drive your traffic straight to it
get creative – provide bonus material online
compliment direct mail pieces with coordinating email and social media campaigns
drive traffic to custom landing pages with personalized URLs

Implementing both digital and print pieces can help marketers connect with prospects in new and interesting ways and lead to unforgettable experiences with your company.

Need some ideas on how to integrate your online and offline marketing? Check out some of SG’s integrated pieces here.

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