Sprint multiwave direct mail campaign

We worked with Digitas to build and design custom, interactive direct mailers as part of a year-long, multiwave campaign. The focus of the campaign? Identifying Sprint as a brand that helps businesses boost their productivity.

Sprint multiwave campaign by Structural Graphics

With call-to-actions targeting executives in education, government, retail, and transportation, these B2B mailers increased awareness of Sprint’s mobile learning and advanced wireless technology offerings.

“This scope of work involves so many different solutions for one client. Each wave was different. They all had to have continuity, but physically look and act different, ” says SG Sales Vice President, Tom Saltonstall.

Some of the challenges with these pieces included coming up with one-of-a-kind, interactive solutions to market Sprint’s message as well as finding different mechanisms to target each audience.

Sprint Deficit Slider by Structural Graphics

Part of the campaign targeted government employees, so we produced a customized multipage brochure with a special descrambler mechanism to visually show executives how Sprint can help lower the deficit numbers in tight times.

Sprint Deficit Slider open by Structural Graphics

A pull tab at the bottom of the brochure reveals a hidden message relevant to recipients.

To target professionals in education, we created a customized paper carousel to reveal Sprint’s “360-degree look at mobile learning.” The carousel unfolds to reveal intricate 3D details that target and represent groups Sprint wanted to reach.

Sprint Carousel Pop Up

The carousel’s four quadrants depict how Sprint’s wireless campus manager could be important to different relationship types within the education industry.

These Sprint pieces give great insight into how dimensional print can target niche audiences and use interactive components to drive messaging and add quality to a brand’s marketing goals.






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