What does your design say?

Despite what your teenager may say, it’s hard to argue that today’s consumer has a lack of options when it comes to shopping for just about anything.

That’s why packaging – especially now – can play a huge part in a business’ success. Packaging sets products apart from each other and impacts buying decisions.

But it only serves a brand as well as the message behind it.

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To create packaging that works, you have to know your customer. 

The Me Generation Meets Generation Me” a Nielson study released earlier this year, explores the differences between two interesting segments of the consumer market: millennials (19-36 year-olds) and baby boomers (49-67 year-olds).

Key changes in the brain as humans age make it harder for us to deal with a lot of distraction. This could be one reason why baby boomers appreciate simplicity.

Millennials on the other hand, grew up in an age saturated with technology and as a result they are fast adopting technologies of all kinds. They appreciate and look for multidimensional advertising that integrates with social media, especially since 76 percent of them own a smartphone.

Knowing what they want can be the key factor to standing out – and reaching – today’s shoppers in novel ways.

Design that reflects personality is helpful in targeting boomers and millennials. It’s no surprise that each of these demographics look for messaging that relates to their respective lifestyles and what’s relevant relies a lot on age.

Good natured, family friendly messages with a clever wit and positivity may catch the eye of a boomer while fun loving ads featuring celebrities or athletes with sarcastic, slapstick humor is what appeals to millennials.

Get it right and one look will get your brand in the door, all you’ll have to do is keep them there.

Source: Nielson Media Research

Image: One A Day prenatal vitamin packaging by Structural Graphics.


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