7 tips for highlighting your message with sound

Thinking about incorporating sound technology into your direct marketing campaign, but not sure where to start? Leverage within invitations, product launches, lead generation, loyalty campaigns, and more!

Use these tips for getting the most out of your sound bytes when you have a brand representative speaking to your audience.

1. Capture the personality of your brand.

Watch your cadence. Avoid speaking in a boring, monotone manner. Build brand sentiment with the appropriate tone and messaging.

2. Speak in a natural speaking tone.

Ditch the corporate jargon and marketing lingo. Start sentences with “and” or “but.” Speak the way real people speak–contractions and all.

3. Incorporate anecdotes, humor and emotion.

A good message will touch the hearts and minds of your audience and drive them to act.

4. Be clear and to the point.

Use shorter sentences with action verbs. Present information in a clear and organized fashion to make your message easier to understand.

This sound folder we produced for American Express shares information about how AMEX customers can earn and redeem Zync rewards with talking points that are accessible via separate push buttons. 

5. Use testimonials.

Let your brand champions be the voice of persuasion. Their enthusiasm and passion for your brand will connect with audiences in convincing ways.

6. Quote the experts.

Share knowledge and content to capture interest and tell your story.

7. Ask questions.

Speak to your audience by asking hypothetical questions that engage them. Give them something to think about and find solutions to their questions with insightful answers.

There are many ways to use sound to highlight your marketing message, so the best way to know you’re getting it right is to simply track your progress over time and see how people react to your efforts.

Do you have questions about using sound for your next print marketing campaign? Email us at [email protected] or call (860) 767-2661 and share your feedback in the comments below.

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