8 Facts You Need to Know About Video Marketing

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Bridging the gap between dimensional print and technology is easier than you think.

What if your mail could talk? How much simpler would it be to reach people if you could just have a chat? Direct marketers might be wondering the same thing.

These days there’s no need to wonder. Dimensional print is finding its niche with technology and now you can enhance your print marketing with video. 

Learn more about how video can drive your message home with these tips and links gathered from marketing resources around the web: 

    1. Videos increase people’s understanding by 74%.
    2. 65% of executives will act after watching video.
    3. People  who like videos are 97% more inclined to buy.
    4. 64% of brand marketers have plans for using video in their upcoming marketing strategies.
    5. Seeing and hearing real people gains trust
    6. More than 1000 branded video campaigns topped one million views last year.
    7. 80% of online users will remember a video ad for up to a month.
    8. Human brains process visuals 60,000 times faster than text.

This is a video mailer produced by Structural Graphics. It was personalized and sent to patients. Each piece featured a video of a medical patient, sharing their treatment success story with the recipient.

Marketers are finding that video can drive home brand messages with an appealing authenticity that brings results.

What do you think? Can video mailers make people feel good about your direct marketing?

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