Structural Graphics wins 6 awards at Ad Club show

Structural Graphics won six awards at the 60th Annual Ad Club Award Show held on Wednesday, May 21 at Farmington Gardens, including a total of four awards (a gold and three bronze) in the Dimensional Mail category, a bronze award in the Packaging category, and one silver award in the show’s Point of Sale category.

“We’re proud to be a part of these award categories,” said Sarah Bigoness, Marketing Manager at Structural Graphics. “Dimensional print is an industry we have pioneered and led since 1976; our new luxury packaging combines function with beautiful design; and point of sale pieces that spark interest and curiosity at crucial buying points. These pieces demonstrate how SG can support marketers in many new initiatives. Honestly, the sky’s the limit! Give us your biggest challenge and we’ll find a solution.”

The show celebrates creative work originated and produced in Connecticut within the last year from some of the best firms in the state, including: print and broadcast advertising, interactive media, graphic design, publication design, packaging, motion, photography, illustration, and more.

For the last 100 years, the Ad Club of CT has served Connecticut professionals in the advertising and marketing industries through creative and educational events, seminars and networking opportunities for advertising and marketing industry professionals.

See all of SG’s winning pieces, below. 

SG's Holiday card won the gold award in the dimensional mail category.
SG Break Through Spring Mailer – dimensional mail – bronze
BRONZE AWARD – DIMENSIONAL MAIL: SG ‘s Break Through Spring Mailer. 
Structural Graphics worked with the Nationwide Financial team to produce a Retirement Flexible Advantage sales aid which featured LED lighting housed inside our Popper mechanism.
BRONZE AWARD – DIMENSIONAL MAIL: Structural Graphics’ Nationwide LED Popper featuring LED lighting.
SG's Sprint Deficit Slider earned the another bronze award in the Ad Club of CT's Dimensional Mail category.
Samsung partnered with TracyLocke and SG to enhance the brand experience that is delivered when receiving a Samsung device through the use of sophisticated, innovative, and engaging packaging. The packaging is specific to the newly designed phone models and its accessories but also versioned to the individual needs of multiple cellular carriers.
BRONZE AWARD – PACKAGING: Samsung partnered with TracyLocke and SG to produce sophisticated, innovative and engaging packaging specific to the newly designed phone models and versioned to the individual needs of multiple cellular carriers.
Whirlpool Maytag wanted an innovative and engaging Point of Sale piece to distribute to its consumer base. These kits housed a brochure, letter, keychain, and other premium items. On each side of the box itself, there is a changing picture with the Maytag Man. When you pull the tab, he is replaced by the corresponding machine. The box reads "He's a Machine."
SILVER AWARD – POINT OF SALE: SG created innovative launch kits to house a brochure, letter, keychain, and other premium items with dimensional graphics that reveal changing pictures and messages.

Questions about the designs you see here? Post them in the comments below, email us at [email protected] or call (860) 767-2661.

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