Touchscreen Tech & Buyer Ownership

Touch screen interfaces bring the excitement of technology to print.

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In a study written by S. Adam Brasel and James Gips for the 2013 Society for Consumer Psychology researchers found that touch screen technology, particularly for retail products, increasingly made consumers feel ownership of the products they were browsing when compared to the traditional laptop-style touch pad or computer mouse.

The study concluded that experiencing products through touch screen interfaces gave people the tactile feeling they experienced when shopping in person. Essentially, brands could “place” their products right into the palm of people’s hands with the right user interface and digital device.

Or in their words:

“Consumers feel like they already own the items they are exploring merely because they are touching them on the screen. We further show that this effect is much stronger for products where touch is an important dimension for that product, and that ownership of the touch-based interface used to explore the product can magnify this effect even further.”

Touch screen technology has become an expectation of a good digital product. Not only does it, as the study above suggests, preserve the tactile interaction between products and people, but it’s easy to use, which is great for people who may be less adept at digital interfaces.

Touch screen video mailers can round out the multisensory experience of direct and dimensional mail while giving marketers the space they need to tell their brand story.

So what story will you tell next?

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