What About Near Field Communication?

For the last few years print and technology have been dancing around one another, closing in on ways to take brand experiences to the next level. With smartphones taking over the consumer market, near field communication (similar to QR and AR codes) is poised to take your brand’s interactions with consumers to a whole new level.

What is It?

Similar to QR and AR Codes, NFC can use a smartphone device to bridge consumers to valuable content and experiences related to your brand. Where AR codes typically connect print to technology, NFC has the power to inform technology automatically – simply from being in close proximity.

The process of using NFC consists of a special printed tag that transmits data to a smartphone when it comes into contact with it’s receptivity area. Consumers are getting more and more familiar with retail brands using NFC to collect payment for their purchase and – even more favorably – to reward them with special promotions.

How Are Brands Using NFC?

WineTap: Using NFCs to Inform

Moonshot, the innovation lab at Barkley Advertising Agency, created an incredible concept for NFC marketing using the fictitious label WineTap, a mobile application. Moonshot designed signage and custom content to help WineTap connect with insightful product information while making buying decisions in the store. By tapping their phones to small signs at point of purchase displays, consumers are able to access ratings, reviews, suggested pairings and recipes to help them make the best purchase decision.

See a video of the WineTap concept in action.

Samsung TecTiles: Free NFC App

Samsung produced a smartphone application that lets consumers create their own personalized NFC tags, which they can stick anywhere to help streamline their mobile experience.  This includes automatically launching phone applications, updating social sites, even making phone calls or sending text messages.

See a Samsung user demonstrate this feature.

Kraft NFC Gets Consumers Hungry for More

Kraft Foods Group incorporated special signage on store shelves near its product encouraging shoppers to tap their phone for free recipes, get help from the brand’s “i-Food Assistant” and share content with their friends on Facebook.

See how consumers felt about the experience.

NFC Best Practices

Thinking about how NFC might work for your brand? Here are some basic pointers to help you in your planning.

Remember, you’re trying to capture a mobile audience, so keep it focused, interesting and entertaining. Incorporate picture, video, audio, interesting quotes, helpful testimonials and other easily digestible content to capture people’s attention and offer them insight into your brand.

Link to exclusive content. Don’t just send people to your Facebook timeline. Imagine where they might be at that moment and what they might be doing as they interact with your brand, then figure out custom content to extend their experience. For example, a coffee shop might use point of sale displays to offer visitors special news, interviews, art, music, even local headlines to read while enjoying their coffee.

Make it shareable. We live in a world that encourages us to share news, advice, thoughts, and feelings all the time. Help your customers advocate for you by making it easy to share your content with easy, one-click social sharing tools.

…and share with us below!  What are your thoughts about NFC and brand marketing?

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