Increasing brand recognition with dimensional mail

Over the years, Structural Graphics has helped companies create promotional products that reflect the essence of their brand in some pretty incredible ways.

That’s because good marketers know how important it is to create an end-to-end brand experience for consumers. They understand that each experience a customer has with a brand, whether it’s picking up a product from a store shelf or receiving a direct mail piece, will lead people to make assessments about the company, it’s personality and what they offer.

We wanted to share with you a couple of customized pieces we produced to reflect our client’s brand, imaging and personality–in some really unique and fun ways!

Here are two examples of how we found opportunities to incorporate a custom brand experience into dimensional design.

Deere sends a tractor

Ever heard of a little brand called John Deere? Deere & Company, better known as John Deere and widely known for its commercial farming products, is one of the largest American manufacturers of agricultural products in the world. In 2013, Deere was listed 85th in the Fortune 500 and 307th in the Fortune Global 500 rankings.

We worked with Deere to help deliver information on a new tractor line to its customers. The company wanted promotional packaging that would drive home product knowledge and entertain people. So we created a paper replica of its new machinery and designed it with the look and feel of the brand in mind.

John Deere promotional packaging to unveil new tractor line.
John Deere promotional packaging to unveil new tractor line.

For a truly comprehensive experience, the packaging contained additional imagery on a USB device to show customers that “Nothing Runs Like a Deere.”

John Deere promotional packaging by Structural Graphics

As far as promotional packaging goes, this piece is a winner in more ways than one. The replica encourages interaction. It’s designed to be picked up, turned over, opened and dissected. This packaging draws people in with its toy-like facade, but it’s actually loaded with information  and graphics detailing the tractor’s capabilities. The piece garnered so much attention that it won a First Place Award at the National Agricultural Marketing Association Convention, the nation’s largest association for professionals in marketing and agribusiness.

Sprout TV turns the camera on families

Sprout TV, a children’s programming network owned by NBCUniversal and home to family favorites like Sesame Street and Barney & Friends wanted to raise publicity for its programming with a media kit designed to promote its children’s programming while also giving something back to the families it serves.

Promotional packaging for Sprout TV
Promotional packaging for Sprout TV

So SG designed custom Sprout TV digital photo frames, designed to be re-used by recipients and offering another vehicle to capture family memories.

The frames were loaded with images of the network’s TV characters downloaded onto it, and as an added bonus, the kits also included a USB device for recipients to download their personal photos and images onto the digital frame.

The kit reinforced Sprout’s emphasis on children’s entertainment by sending the media kits in a purple felt, hand-stitched pouch enhanced with green button closures.

Check out our video below, which explains Sprout’s media kit in detail.

When it comes to marketing, thinking big doesn’t mean abandoning your brand experience. Learn more about dimensional designs that preserve your brand. Call us at 860-767-2661 or drop us a line at [email protected].

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