Marketing ideas for your next campaign: Scrolling images

You know that saying, “a picture’s worth a thousand words?”

Structural Graphics is blowing that old idiom out of the water with a new marketing mechanism created specifically for brand storytelling. Now, SG can help marketers in any industry create compelling visual landscapes with its new See Scroll dimensional design.

See Scroll creates moveable images

Created by Rob Kelly, senior designer and paper engineer at Structural Graphics, See Scroll is a way of seeing and embedding images into print marketing. It adds visual layers that add dimension, interaction and intrigue to your communications. See Scroll’s motion-based design incorporates special effects that create unforgettable marketing messages that aren’t just cool to look at–but fun to experience too!

Sounds interesting, right? Check out some ways you can incorporate this new design into your next marketing campaign.

1) Inside view

With See Scroll’s custom design, marketers can change the shape of the image viewer.

  1. The viewer can be designed in almost any organic shape, like a company logo, a pair of binoculars, a microscope or even a radar screen
  2. The image viewer can reveal gradual transitions between photos to help tell stories and reveal hidden messaging
  3. A thin film of ruggedly resistant plastic is built into the See Scroll design to protect images


2) Ready, set, GO!

Motion isn’t just for film. Interactive automotive pieces like the one below, help buyers imagine their next road trip in a new car model or reveal interior details and buyer options, like what colors you can choose from.

3) Get interactive

Dimensional marketing can make people feel a part of your brand story. Interact with them using one of these memorable and creative ideas:

  1. Retailers can offer some tips for their buyers’ next fashion haul by showcasing their spring collection with models who “try” on different outfits
  2. Images can expand and stretch to show different perspectives of products/services



So what what do you think? Could your brand be using more images? Tell us what you think of See Scroll in the comments and if you have questions, contact us.


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