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Trend Watch: Tech in Print Marketing

New web-driven print transforms exchanges between companies and their consumers.

It’s like that slogan Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups had in the 1990s… You know, the one that goes, “There’s no one way to eat a Reese’s.”

Well, there’s no one way to market a brand either.

Unlike marketing days of yore, where speaking loudly and most often won the most consumers, today’s businesses have to craft custom marketing messages that are valuable to the people they are trying to reach.

“Customer experience is not limited to one or a few stages of the customer journey, but encompasses all stages,” states the [State of the Industry Report by Loyalty360]. “It isn’t limited to the store front or a call to customer service, but happens anywhere the customer is exposed to your brand; digital channels, in-store, word-of-mouth, social media, customer service and more. It occurs anywhere and anytime.”

 — How Winning Brands Define Customer Experience by Lori Alcala, CMSWIRE

Web Drivers: Bridging Interactive Print and Digital

Brand experience depends upon your consideration of the consumer and their needs. Inventive and useful multichannel strategies can inspire, educate and engage prospects.

Here’s how:

— Creatively foster interest and loyalty with important audiences
— Extend consumer interaction through custom landing pages on your website
— Track and gather consumer info and opinions
— Build custom experiences that live on with consumers

Web Drivers add digital components to enhance and drive traffic to custom content online. They gather analytics and insights from your marketing efforts, help you learn more about your audience and play a BIG part in bringing the brand experience full circle with your prospects/consumers.

TransAmerica Web Key Mailer

Transamerica Web Key Mailer

Financial services company Transamerica used a custom Extendo® with web key design to deliver custom informational web pages on their products to sales agents across the country. Read more.

Zoecon Web Key Magazine Insert

Zoecon Web Key Magazine Insert

Pest management company Zoecon embedded a tear-off web driver into their magazine advertisement to deliver information on its new line of professional products. Read more.  

Liberty Mutual Trade Show Handout

Liberty Mutual Web Key by Structural Graphics

Liberty Mutual added web keys to their trade show handouts so attendees could experience the brand past the event. Each web key led recipients to custom landing pages that featured video introducing prospects to their financial services. Read more.

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