3 ways brands are using LED tech in print

Last week we introduced LED-enhanced direct mail to marketers (jog your memory here) looking to make an impact on major brands and companies. This week, we’re taking another look at how light technology is enhancing direct marketing campaigns with mailers that incorporate LEDs, fiber optics and electroluminescence to highlight features, enhance people’s interaction with products and leave lasting impressions on consumers.

Curious about how companies are implementing light technology? Take a look at three direct mail campaigns below to get some ideas on your next print campaign.

Adding intrigue to Pentair’s new pool cleaner

Pentair Aquatic Systems, the global leading manufacturer of swimming pool, spa and aquatic equipment, highlighted its new Kreepy Krauly Racer, which boasts 30 percent more power, added vacuum power and self-powered LED lights to provide more “intrigue to night time cleaning.” 

Structural Graphics, working with marketing agency Blue Flame Thinking added LEDs to Pentair’s direct mail campaign– lending some of that intrigue to its marketing too.


Motorola’s interactive print piece uses LEDs to put custom design in the hands of consumers

Motorola promoted the Moto X, a new, custom-shaped, Android smartphone with an interactive print ad powered by LED. Released in special issues of WIRED magazine in January 2014, the piece features LED light pipes, hidden by polycarbonate paper panels linked to color swatches. The technology allowed consumers to customize their phone purchase right from the magazine’s pages. Readers could interact with the magazine ad by selecting color swatches and previewing different designs of the phone, mimicking the experience of buying online.

A little LED goes a long way

Wired Magazine used SG’s Fiber Optics Light technology as an interactive invitation for its fifth annual consumer electronics show in Las Vegas. The marketing piece delivered 217 points of light powered by six bulbs to spark excitement in the technology community and bring the electricity of Vegas lights to recipients.

Lasvegas by Structural Graphics

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