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Appealing to Our Senses: Tech-Enhanced Print

What if you could support your brand outreach and engagement with creative and interactive dimensional print that takes people by surprise? Oh wait. You can.

We say “dimensional” a lot around here because many of our products literally take on incredible shapes and forms–but to us dimensional is also about the scope of your marketing message and how it can take on many channels (think print, digital and social) to reach people.

In today’s uber fast, now you see it- now you don’t- digital world, appealing to customers and prospective customers with something a little more unique and personal can be the breath of fresh air most people need to really see your brand. Take it from our clients:

“We got more inquiries about this project than anything we’ve ever done. People wanted to know how we did it; they really sat up and took notice.” – Stanton & Co.

“This most recent mailing proved to be very effective. It was a simple but powerful way to establish in peoples’ minds just who the Volvo Group is.” – Burton Hall & Associates for Volvo

Our experienced sales teams, designers and paper engineers work every day on developing creative components, including Full Motion Video, Lights, Sound, Augmented Reality, Quick Response Codes and more to extend brand interaction online.

VIDEO: Take a deeper look at how dimensional appeals to the human senses with our work below…

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